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The government will fill the treasury by cutting its teachers' salaries

The Punjab Government is preparing for a proposal to cut the salary of thousands of employees by 75% under the policy of regularizing employees, under which nearly 17,000 teachers working under Sarv Sikhya Abhiyan and Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyaan and non- Teaching staff salaries will be reduced.The Punjab government is preparing to fill the employees' salaries by cutting down salaries. The government is planning to reduce the levy of teachers' salaries from Rs 42,800 to Rs 10,800 per month. The Captain government is firmly planning to give three years basic salaries to the employees. Under this policy, 75 percent reduction in employee wages will be deducted. Apart from this, other employees may also be deducted in other employees' wages due to contracIn fact, in view of financial crisis, the government is planning to provide basic salaries to the employees for the first three years in a proposal to regulate contract-based employees. Nearly 17,000 teachers working under this and the non-teaching staff salaries will be reduced. Apart from this, the salaries of other employees, who work on contract basis in other departments, can also be deducted.tual work.Under this, the salaries of these teachers constitute around Rs 42,800 per month. If these teachers are regularized under the proposal being implemented by the government, then under this policy, the salary teachers who receive salaries of Rs 42,800 will receive only 10,800 rupees per month for the first three years. Thus, the salary will be cut by Rs 32,000.It is to be mentioned that in the last term for the regularization of 27,000 contract employees by the previous government, there is a regular record in the legislation created at the time of regularization that their salaries will not be reduced while regular employees will be retained and the employees' salaries will be retained. President of Government Teachers Union, Sukhwinder Singh Chahal said that the black era is being introduced in the history of Punjab by increasing the salaries of the contract employees by offering them salaries instead of regular employees.

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